Adult Workshops

Have you ever wanted to learn how to make your own jewellery? At Beadz Unlimited we have a wide range of workshops for Adults. 

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Ngai Tahu Pounamu (Greenstone) 

Ngai Tahu, the legal owners of Pounamu have developed a system using a unique code to certify products made from genuine New Zealand greenstone. Beadz Unlimited is a licensed re seller of Ngai Tahu Pounamu. This system guarantees that the stone has been extracted by legitimate means and has been treated using the appropriate cultural values. read more >

Pearly Bead Mixes

Our mixes of glass or plastic pearls have a beautiful lustre and can be used to create classic or contemporary jewellery. One tube will thread approximately 1-1.5m in length, which looks stunning as a long necklace or wrapped twice around your neck. Tube measurements 144mm x 25mm.

Bead Mix - Glass Pearls

Bead Mix - Glass Pearls


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